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November 12, 2012

Webinar - The Mobile Workforce in 2013

The emergence and dominance of iPhones, iPads, Androids, Surfaces and other mobile devices has led today’s workforce from the 9-5 grind into the 24/7 era. Bring your own device (BYOD) has emerged as a result of employees’ preference and ability to do everything, personal and work-related, from one device. Whether you are an employee, employer or customer, you expect everyone else to always be on and connected. Yet in a tough economic climate, how do you keep costs in check and stay ahead in the marketplace? 

Current Analysis (News - Alert) released results of its advisory report on enterprise mobile solution strategies, unveiling interesting trends relating to mobile application development, mobile device management and security policies and platforms, as well as the use of external service providers such as IT service providers and mobile operators that offer managed mobility services.

Tim Dowd, CEO of Current Analysis, said in a statement, "Almost 80 percent of our enterprise subscribers are final decision-makers for their organizations. Their feedback provides invaluable insights into how the enterprise plans to address mobile strategies and what vendors need to know in order to properly support their clients and pursue new prospects."

The report found that many enterprises are using a mix of service providers for mobility services. While 36 percent are using IT service providers, 66 percent are employing operators such as AT&T (News - Alert), which led the list of external service providers.

People using their own devices on corporate networks, ensuring mobile device security and integrating mobility into new and existing business models are just three of the major trends for 2013. Companies need to learn how mobile innovation is creating new revenue streams and giving certain companies a competitive edge.

Vodafone (News - Alert) is hosting an upcoming webinar, “Global Mobility Trends to Act on for 2013 and Beyond,” on Wed. Nov. 28 at 11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT. Attendees will learn how to convert the consumerization of IT from a headache to a strategic  advantage -- increasing employee satisfaction and productivity while reducing costs -- and what it takes to go from idea to revenue and leverage mobile technologies to enable new business models.

All attendees will receive the IDC (News - Alert) whitepaper, “Global BYOD Attitudes and Best Practice for Multinational Organizations,” which explores BYOD best practices from the perspective of large multinational companies and highlights the important regional and country distinctions to the topic.

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Edited by Rich Steeves