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June 21, 2012

Webinar - Network TAP Provider VSS Monitoring Exposes the Vitality of Ramping Up ROI

When any company implements a new solution, aren’t they all looking for one thing – to optimize ROI in the shortest time period impossible? Now is the time you can all answer that question with a resounding yes. However, there are also many other elements organizations seeking within a network optimization tool that must be leveraged in order to see long term success.

A network TAP tool enables businesses to significantly reduce the amount of tools they must both manage and maintain, while simultaneously cutting down the time it takes to respond to any type of malfunction-related issues.  This solution is ideal in being able to quickly gain insight into exactly what traffic is passing through the network at exactly the right points, enabling companies to seamlessly integrate a network intelligence optimization layer into their infrastructure to manage the connection between the tools and network with ease.

According to an informative white paper from VSS Monitoring, “A network intelligence optimization system acts as a universal access layer for all the tools, agnostic to the type of tools as long as they are interested in IP traffic. The individual system components interconnect with, and auto-discover one another to interact together as a single system. Within this system, the components in mesh configuration are self healing – traffic routing is optimized from any port to any port within the system depending on the component level utilization. The performance and capacity of the system can be as much as an order of magnitude larger than the components themselves alone.”

Are you dying to find out more ways that you can get rid of blind spots within your corporate network once and for all? Well then clear your busy calendar for a few hours and be sure to attend a free webinar that is being sponsored by the network TAP provider, slated to take place on Wednesday June 27, 2012 at 2:00pm ET/ 11:00am PT titled, “Monitoring ROI.”

Those who are lucky enough to participate in this not-to-miss event will gain valuable insight into how to drive network operational efficiency and increase uptime; how to see the best ROI within existing monitoring tools; and how network intelligence optimization can reduce downtime and churn.

Andy Huckridge, senior director of Telecom Strategy and Marketing at VSS Monitoring (News - Alert) will be speaking during the webcast. He is a seasoned speaker, and has seen firsthand the benefits of next-generation telecom technologies from SS7 through VoLTE, as well as 3G and 4G mobile technologies which will assist him in hosting this seminar.

Don’t delay, register today!

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo