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May 22, 2012

Webinar - What Session Border Controllers Can Do for You

While session initiation protocol (SIP) technology becomes the standard for modern business-based communication, one cannot forget the importance the session border controller (SBC) plays in the maintenance and functioning of SIP-based operations.

Before any voice-over-IP (VoIP) migration can take place, a business needs to consider the implementation of a session border controller to emphasize security and data protection of SIP-based communication. SBCs are important for maintaining telecommunications as they protect assets and secure networks.

SBCs supply a host of vital elements for a company that heavily relies on telecommunications including eliminating spoofing, cutting operational costs, and protecting against denial of service attacks and toll fraud. Decision-makers would be wise to consider the benefits of implementing an SBC before making upgrades or changes to their companies’ VoIP technology.

Enterprise-sized businesses need to take heed of SBCs particularly. With the growth of networks increases the growth of the need for security measures. SBCs protect the transport of voice and video data by drawing secure boundaries and making translation in the IP-space more fluid.

The boisterous beast of SIP communications is proverbially tamed by session border controllers as they help regulate and control the flow and cost of VoIP operations. In an upcoming webinar with Sonus Networks, the company’s leaders will discuss what SBCs contribute to this world of SIP, what they do to reduce costs, and how they help the enterprise manage network communication.

As powerful network devices that “protect, secure, simplify, and standardize real-time, SIP-based multimedia communications,” according to Sonus, isn’t it time you knew what they can do for you? Join the webinar to find out. 

Edited by Stefanie Mosca