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May 04, 2012

Webinar - Lusting After that IP-PBX Solution? Make it Yours Today

For some small- and medium-sized businesses (SMB), the term “PBX (News - Alert)” might evoke confusion and even the statement, “What does that even mean?” But SMBs better perk up and figure it out as a PBX might be just the ticket for SMBs to enjoy substantial cost savings, increased efficiencies and enhanced offerings.

Simply put, PBX refers to a business phone system – and it is an integral part for SMBs to establish reputable communications systems as it allows them to handle incoming calls in a professional manner, save time and money, and boast convenient internal communications. One of the main advantages of a PBX is that it helps SMBs present themselves as large enterprises and, in so doing, they greatly increase their competitive edge.

Specifically, a PBX allows SMBs to access the full features of the phone system from any location, enjoy slashed support costs as well as costs for interoffice calls, and improved support for traveling employees. Moreover, a PBX can help SMBs deliver soundless voice quality to consumers as the technology guarantees stellar call quality. Other benefits include reliable services as data is completely safe and secure; control over the entire phone system; flexibility because as you grow your PBX can grow; and a unified communications platform for collaborative communication.

So if you are an SMB you might be sold on the PBX now, but a fair question you might have is how to adopt this beneficial technology without having to completely overhaul your telephony infrastructure to enjoy this IP solution. Well, according to industry experts, you don’t have to as you can simply leverage your existing phone system and still migrate to converged IP.

In just a few days, Patton (News - Alert) Electronics – a provider of network access and connectivity products – will host a free webinar event titled, “Complete Turn-Key IP PBX Solutions,” an event that will highlight turn-key IP PBX solutions that use SmartNode Gateways to connect your legacy phone equipment to your next generation 3CX phone system. Attendees will learn: business benefits of software-based 3CX phone systems; how SmartNode VoIP Gateways interconnect legacy telephony with advanced VoIP systems and services; pros and cons of several TDM to IP migration strategies; and SmartNode auto-provisioning with 3CX phone system.

To register for the event, click here.

Edited by Jamie Epstein