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May 04, 2012

Webinar - How to Transition to IPv6 while Maintaining Optimal IT Performance

For anyone in the telecom or IT industry, it’s no secret that the future of IPv6 is upon us. And if you haven’t made the migration yet from IPv4 to IPv6, the task ahead can seem like a daunting one if you don’t have a team ready to make the transition.

The importance of making a seamless transition for your company’s network includes understanding the potential risks and blind spots that IPv6 can present due to the challenge of ensuring business operations are not interrupted in the process of the transition or after.

After the IANA assigned the last top level block of free IPv4 addresses in February 2011, companies began planning their transitions to meet the new standards necessary for IPv6. However, for those still operating on legacy IPv4 systems, the opportunity to plan and execute a streamlined migration is nearing its end.

If you are interested in learning more about how to make a seamless switch, join Pete Cruz, senior director of project management and marketing at SevOne and Peter Bernstein, senior editor at TMCnet for a Web presentation Friday, May 18, 2012 at 11:00AM ET/8:00AM PT.

“How to Ensure IT Performance While Migrating to IPv6,” will explore a list of issues necessary to consider when transitioning to IPv6 as well as how to avoid blind spots during migration. Cruz will also be addressing how to support IPv6 gear in your network and legacy gear that may present data collection and monitoring challenges. Attendees will walk away with visibility into how to monitor an effective transition before, during and after the transition period.

Don’t miss the chance to attend this event. For more information on making your transition to IPv6 a seamless one, register now and you will get chance to win a new iPad!

Edited by Brooke Neuman