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May 03, 2012

Webinar - Make Real-time Features Real-life Options with a Hosted Contact Center

If you are a decision-maker in the contact center world, chances are you’ve heard the word “cloud” one too many times in recent months. The notion of moving contact center technology to the cloud is a pressing one these days, and can be burdensome for some contact center managers who may not fully grasp what exactly a cloud-based contact center means.

By bringing legacy systems to the cloud, contact center managers can actually do wonders for their business’ productivity and bottom-line ROI. Hosted contact center solutions can provide great avenues for increasing flexibility and scalability as well.

Real-time features become real-life options for contact centers in the cloud with improved monitoring assets, and quality assurance factors that are more expensive to implement and maintain in legacy systems.

Additionally, maintenance itself and support during possible outages is a 24/7 option with cloud-based contact centers. While on-premise solutions require costly hardware replacements, cloud-based solutions do not, and are better able to pinpoint the sources of network problems.

As a provider of hosted IVR and contact center solutions, USAN (News - Alert) has some unique insight into how contact centers should approach moves to the cloud. In a  webinar that will occur May 3 at 2 p.m. ET titled “Why Moving Your Contact Center to the Cloud is the Way to Go,” leaders from USAN will explore the benefits and challenges of moving to the cloud.

The advantages of hosted solutions overall are unavoidable, and contact centers are a part of the progress towards the cloud.  Register for the webinar here and don’t miss USAN’s Harry Miller (News - Alert) and Tad Thompson who plan to provide advice for decision makers looking to improve their customer service initiatives with cloud-based contact center solutions.

Edited by Stefanie Mosca