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April 09, 2012

Webinar - Cloud-based VoIP Benefits Multi-site Business Processes

As cloud-based systems and management solutions become more common and are more frequently implemented in business environments within the communications technology arena, organizations would do well to learn how cloud-based solutions benefit their operations. One of the more specific ways in which cloud technology benefits businesses is by facilitating operations over multiple sites.

Along with cost savings, mobility capabilities and other benefits, cloud technology brings a host of questions with its implementation. For contact centers in particular, it’s a whole different ball game. Multi-site contact centers have a lot to learn when it comes to cross-site labor optimization, as many that operate with multi-source configurations have yet to come to terms with this new technology.

The people over at LiveVox (News - Alert) spend much of their time helping contact centers realize the benefits of moving to the cloud and when it comes to hosted solutions for the contact center, they have some helpful advice. When one takes note of the recent trends in cloud-based solutions in the b2b space, this notion of the contact center leveraging VoIP across multiple sites is one appears to be the future of contact center technology.

Taking that into consideration, certain aspects of cloud adoption must be considered by the contact center, such as deploying cloud-based agent routing. In an upcoming webinar with Paul McGee of NCO Group and Dan Toomey of XO Communications (News - Alert), the leaders from LiveVox will discuss this very question of how contact center operators should approach agent routing in a cloud-based environment.

The webinar, titled, “How Cloud-based VoIP Optimizes Multi-site Operations,” will take place Wednesday, April 11 at 2 p.m. ET and will include Steve Vaughan and John McNamara of LiveVox. Combining their expertise with the two other speakers will give listeners the chance to learn about optimizing workforces, streamlining operations, and staying compliant. Register for the webinar here.

Edited by Rich Steeves