MVP Quality Award

Please save as a Word document. Answer all the questions below. Save and email completed essay to Erik Linask,, as an attachment.

Answer all questions with bulleted points. Use no more than five bullets for each question.

The Essay may be no longer than 20 pages maximum.

1. Specifically state your policies on quality and your company's philosophy/motto on quality.

2. Explain how quality has evolved in your contact center, how it is sustained and how it is measured. 

3. How do you communicate your quality standards to your clients and what assurances do you provide that those standards will be met?

4. Why do customers choose your services over competitors?

5. How do you measure customer satisfaction?

6. How do you factor complaints from your clients’ customers into your overall process?

7. What are your practices for ensuring your staff as appropriately trained and motivated to match your commitment to quality?

8. How does your staff support your quality standards? What is unique about your organization that helps maintain high level of quality standards?

9. How has technology enabled your ability to deliver higher quality services (you may include brand names)? What technology, specifically, have you implemented that has had a measurable increase on quality standards and delivery?

10. How do monitor quality? How do you turn collected information into actionable intelligence to improve quality?

11. Describe your policy and practice regarding the work environment, including agent stations, common areas, etc. What do you do to provide a safe, health-conscious and stress-free work environment?

12. What is the current view of teleservices in the public? How has it changed in the past ten years and what has been your role in shaping opinion or regulation?

13. How has current technology changed how you communicate with your clients’ customers? What are the most common and most effective channels, and how do you ensure consistent quality across all channels?

14. What role do data analytics play in driving and supporting your quality standards?

15. Detail a specific program and explain the program's goal (image enhancement, new accounts, customer retention, fundraising, goodwill, etc.) and the audience reached. NOTE: this may not be the same program submitted previously.

16. What implementation tactics and strategies were used to accomplish the goal? What specific technologies we key to achieving success?

17. Provide quantifiable results (either at program end or to-date). Explain how results were tabulated and how the quality of the program was gauged.

Save and email your completed essay to Erik Linask, before the final deadline, January 8, 2018.

Thank you.

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