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Speakerbus Shipped 'i turret' To Customers Across Five Continents

June 18, 2010

By Raja Singh Chaudhary - Virtual PBX Contributor

Speakerbus, a provider of mission critical voice communications solutions for the equity, capital markets and wealth management segments of the financial industry, has announced that right within the first year of the deployment, the company has shipped its enhanced global trading system known as 'i turret' to Speakerbus' customers spanning in five continents for a diverse range of applications, which include investment banking, hedge fund management and spread betting to energy and commodity trading.

For introducing new enhancements to the 'i turrent' solution, the company worked in close co-ordination with both Avaya and Cisco's 'Session Initiation Protocol' or 'SIP' communication architectures, to ensure that the solution continues delivering advanced turret functionality to the users, coupled with a lower cost of ownership.
Leveraging a host IP-PBX, 'i turret' by Speakerbus offers reduced cost and backroom infrastructure in comparison to the traditional voice trading platforms, and provides the enterprises with a distributed solution that processes voice traffic and user input at the desk endpoint and cuts down the capacity loading on the IP-PBX, resulting in increased resilience. Further, it offers reduced backroom equipment footprint to the clients, so that they can minimize their costs and complexity to optimize their support skills.
During the first year, 'i turret' turned out to be a responsive solution and helped the enterprises enhance their customer relations and employee productivity both on the front and back ends. The company introduced a number of features into the 'i turret' solution, such as 'Barge-in Indication, which deploys SIP messaging and provides real-time line participation information to turret and phone users, and maintains the confidentiality of the conversations as well. The solution also makes ringing-call and held-call prioritization possible via enhanced dynamic keys, so that the users can assign multiple positions to hold and pickup calls, and the trading teams can enjoy increased speed and productivity. Additionally, Speakerbus also introduced a number of hardware enhancements within 'i turret', such as a soft key expansion module or 'iE8I6 Side Car' and 8-channel brokerage speaker expansion module or 'iE801 side Car' that will be released in 2010.
According to Andy Wodhams, Managing Director at Speakerbus, i turret's pace of deployment, even in the worst economic climate in recent memory, has demonstrated Speakerbus' product value to the financial markets. Wodhams noted that the company looks forward optimistically to the second year as it increases its routes to market alongside company's Cisco and Avaya business partners.
In August 2009, CyberTech International, a provider for compliance recording solutions, announced the completion of integration testing with Speakerbus. As a certified integration partner, CyberTech aimed at expanding its systems compatibility with Speakerbus' i turret technology for IP-based digital turret systems.

Raja Singh Chaudhary is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of Raja's articles, please visit his columnist page.

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