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Virtual PBX Enhances Communications for SMBs

November 06, 2008

By Michelle Robart - Virtual PBX Editor

As a provider of communication services for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) Nextiva offers a range of virtual PBX solutions that have helped thousands of companies run professional phones systems affordably.

Because virtual PBX solutions require no extra hardware and little training, they have lower startup costs for businesses.
Compared to traditional phone systems, a virtual PBX solution offers numerous benefits for the SMB, including a cleaner and simpler infrastructure, lower operating costs, simplified equipment and maintenance and unified communications. With Nextiva virtual PBX solutions, businesses can also improve their scalability and growth and streamline their business operations.

Along with these benefits, virtual PBX also helps small companies save money. Thanks to increasing competition in the small-business market, deploying a virtual PBX system has become more affordable.
Prices can range from $35 per user, per month to as high as $300 per user, per month for expensive, high-end solutions. Keep in mind that there are usually additional one-time setup costs, and the lower prices do not always include equipment. Some providers offer equipment to rent, some include the rental in the monthly price and others require companies to buy the equipment.

Businesses that are changing out their old phone system to a virtual PBX will end up saving a substantial amount of money. If a business is unsure what to expect for call volume, growth, and scalability, it is better off deploying a virtual PBX, or “hosted” solution. This type of solution is also usually ideal for small businesses or companies with a staff of 20 or less.

Nextiva offers hosted VoIP services specially create for small businesses looking for an affordable and easy way to get advantages that only large enterprises could afford.

For entrepreneurs and small-business professionals, the Nextiva Connect is a centralized solution that answers all of a company’s calls professionally, routing them to any phone. Nextiva Connect allows a business to use its existing phones or PCs to receive calls anywhere, and choose a local or toll-free number.
Another affordable virtual PBX service is the Nextiva Connect360, which is a complete digital phone solution for any type of business. It is flexible enough to handle company growth and all that is needed is a high-speed Internet connection. As a cost-effective business communication solution, Nextiva Connect360 provides ease of use, manageability, scalability, reliability and unparalleled enterprise-class functionality.
Nextiva’s VoIP solutions are hosted, meaning all of the software is located on secure servers at Nextiva datacenters. The control panel for a phone system is accessible from any computer that has Internet access. With just a few clicks, users can switch extensions, forward calls, and set up voicemail. In addition, if a business changes offices, there is no PBX equipment to move, no phone numbers to change and no downtime for the network.

Michelle Robart is a contributing editor for virtual-pbx. To read more of Michelle's articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Michelle Robart

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