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IPCortex Launches Virtual PBX Offering

April 19, 2017

By Andrew Bindelglass - Contributing Writer

British communications software provider IPCortex announced earlier this month that it will be launching a cloud based virtual PBX offering as a part of its IPCortex Hosted Suite offering. Hosted Suite features a number of different hosted communications platforms that allow businesses to pick and choose options that best conform to their type of business, customer communications needs, and cost window.

The core software behind IPCortex has been on the market for some time, and has been found to be helpful by businesses based in the United Kingdom. Around 80,000 business users already use some iteration of this technology. What the company is trying to do with this new release of Hosted Suite is to offer a wider range of functionality that that core software can be applied to. The belief is that Hosted Suite will make IPCortex attractive to many more businesses, as it makes it much easier to tailor the communications software to the individual needs of the individual business.

In the two weeks since the release, businesses are already expressing their pleasure at the new offering. “Having access to a hosted IPCortex platform allows us much better scope when working with both smaller business and those with users spread over multiple locations,” said Steve Webber, MD of Westcom Networks, a reseller of IPCortex software. “We look forward to being able to more quickly deploy IPCortex solutions for our customers without the cost, time and complexity of having to build a VPN infrastructure to connect remote phones back to a central PABX.”

The release of Hosted Suite is a good example of how communications software providers need to behave in today’s business world. The core software behind IPCortex has always been strong, and for a time that in and of itself was enough to create a successful business. Now, however, businesses like IPCortex are realizing that in order to truly have success, they need to make it easier for their software to be applied and customized for individual organizations. With Hosted Suite, IPCortex is giving a number of ways for its software to be applied through different solutions. This is a promising development for the communications software developer.

Edited by Alicia Young

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