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Nubes, Ally , Telesystem Partner in PBX Push

March 20, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

With ever-increasing numbers of users turning to virtual private branch exchange (PBX) technology, there are increasing numbers of firms getting together new products together in a bid to pursue that rapidly growing market. Such was recently the case with a new combination effort from Nubes Networks, Ally Technology and Telesystem, who got together to build a new package of services that has the virtual PBX in mind.

The combined effort brings together several different services, but ultimately offers a private cloud network that's geared toward infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS), with an extra nod given to virtual PBX, session initiation protocol (SIP) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services. 

To bring these new services out, Ally will be adding an expansion hub at the Telesystem datacenter—DC-2—in Michigan, a move that will give both Nubes and Ally access to the parts of the United States to which the pair didn't previously have access. Nubes, in turn, will add a slate of services built around private cloud infrastructure.

Telesystem expects the new additions to provide some excellent new options for subscribers, and the move may well bring in some fresh subscribers as well. The company expects the expansion effort to be completed before July 2017.

Denton Parson, who serves as Telesystem's chief operation officer, commented “Telesystem is very excited about Ally and Nubes locating into DC-2. Through this partnership we gain a client and ecosystem partner that compliments every aspect of our business. We plan to work closely and with Nubes and align our sales efforts.”

With growing numbers of competitors in the virtual PBX field eager to get a slice of the market, the only way firms can stay ahead of the pack is by being distinctive enough to draw competitors. This can be done in a wide variety of ways, but offering services that the competition doesn't or can't offer is a great way to get there. The new project between Nubes, Ally and Telesystem should go a long way toward asserting sufficient distinctiveness to draw interest and keep customers.

The new proposition these three firms will offer is a powerful one, and one that should have a welcome effect on overall sales and customer retention. It may not be enough to fend off the growing roster of competitors, but it's certainly got a better than average chance at this stage of the game.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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