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VirtualPBX Upgrades Softphone App

February 16, 2017

By Steve Anderson - Contributing Writer

One of the biggest names in virtual private branch exchange (PBX) systems is a company that named itself after the technology, VirtualPBX. Recently it took steps to keep itself the major force it is, updating the VirtualPBX Softphone app to include one big new feature: interoperability with popular iPhone virtual assistant Siri.

With the new integration, the VirtualPBX app now allows for voice controls to be put to work, using Siri as the backbone of transmitting such commands to the app. While that's the biggest new addition, it's far from the only one, as the company also brought in a slate of new features. Several noteworthy bugs were addressed in the update, and a set of security patches were likewise introduced to better protect users' privacy. More general modifications improved overall functionality, and the app even got a bit of a cosmetic upgrade as well, making it easier to work with and more comfortable as well.

VirtualPBX chief operations officer Lon Baker commented “Our customers rely on us for being able to power their work all over the world. And in a global office such as that, they need to know we support any type of business tool they choose to use. The Softphone App is the VoIP tool that is taken with more customers to more places than almost any other.  Making it the most useful and user friendly tool in any professional’s arsenal is therefore essential, and we’ve accomplished that with this latest update.”

It's clear that VirtualPBX realizes—based on Baker's comments—that it's far from alone in the virtual PBX market. Therefore, in order to maintain current market share and draw in new share, the app has to be improved routinely to keep users coming in and putting the system to use. It's not just greater functionality—though certainly, adding support for Siri is a welcome move that will likely be well-received—but it's also important to be as usable as possible too. The cosmetic and user-facing improvements, therefore, will only help the app's value long-term, and help keep VirtualPBX near the top of the virtual PBX heap.

With so many options in the virtual PBX market, staying ahead of the pack is vital to stand out sufficiently and keep users in the fold. VirtualPBX's prescience here will likely pay off going forward, as more users stick to a clear winner. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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