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Breaking Down Customer Walls for Great Customer Service

August 14, 2014

By Michelle Amodio - Virtual PBX Contributor

In social situations, some people are just naturally more protective of their personal space than others. Breaking down the social walls depends on a few social cues, whether it’s small talk or talking about the temperature. It’s pretty similar when it comes to connecting with customers. Virtual PBX provider Nextiva relates this wall as a protective “BUBL.” There are ways to invade the customer space, but in a positive way.

While we rely on many technologies to deliver exceptional service, it’s no good if the human element is missing from the equation. Sometimes we need to put the technology aside and focus on interpersonal experiences to build a positive relationship. So, what is BUBL, then?

B – Begin Immediately

U – Uncode the guest’s messages and pacing

B – Break your schedule

L – Leave room for more interaction?

This helpful acronym can break the invisible barrier that exists between you and the customer, and it’s pretty self-explanatory, but Nextiva has a good breakdown of why these points work well together.

Beginning immediately means you notice the customer right away and give service the moment contact is made. This is the imperative building block to successful customer interaction and growing a relationship. It’s the same as if you met a new person anywhere else; how you approach them and entice them is what’s going to make or break the relationship. First impressions are crucial.

Of course, you can’t just jump right into selling or helping if the customer is giving specific cues. Pay attention to how they’re feeling; are they happy? Frustrated? Don’t just go on a script alone. Know how your customer is feeling. This will determine how the course of the conversation is going.

Technologies like using a virtual PBX are a great way to service customers, but for both the buyer and seller, it’s no good if there is no personal interaction. To break down the invisible walls, one must make a concerted effort to connect without a cable or a telephone; you may be a company with thousands of employees that sells online and offline, but remember that, to the customer, you’re a person. How you reach out and deal with them on the human level will be the foundation upon which to build a successful rapport. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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