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Four Reasons for Making the Shift to Hosted PBX

September 13, 2013

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

Hosted PBX services are changing the landscape of business communications, thanks to the evolving VoIP communications services that deliver increased versatility and mobility to businesses. has now identified top four reasons why businesses are switching over to hosted PBX.

First and foremost, hosted PBX brings cost savings. Since hosted PBX does not require installation, setup, maintenance and repair of an on-site PBX, businesses are relieved from the strain on critical resources. Though not installed on-premises, hosted PBX delivers them the same feature-loaded plans as other VoIP providers. The advantage of these plans is that they can be easily managed from a desktop portal, without the additional expense of caring for the equipment.

Secondly, hosted PBX is ideal for small and midsize businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department to maintain expensive equipment 24/7. Hosted PBX providers have built-in IT departments that troubleshoot around the clock, so companies opting for these services do not require installation and repair visits. In essence, the hosted PBX provider acts as a proxy IT department, offsite.

Hosted PBX also contributes to saving space. In-house PBXs are usually kept in a dedicated room with facilities such as cooling and regular maintenance. A hosted PBX relieves the businesses from these responsibilities as they assume all of the responsibilities of maintaining these conditions.

Another important reason why businesses should opt for hosted PBX is that it delivers versatile communications service. With VoIP, businesses have got the ability to modify their communications system with the touch of a button. However, an onsite PBX is cumbersome making it difficult for businesses to move their office or department at the time of an expansion. With a hosted PBX provider, moving the office telecommunications system is as easy as unplugging a laptop, and carrying it to the new flagship office, according to

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