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What Does Breakfast Mean for the Virtual PBX?

February 26, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

What do breakfast and a virtual PBX have in common? The two don’t appear to readily mix, but let’s take a closer look at the impact each one can have. For instance, the individual who fails to eat breakfast can experience negative effects all day long. The small business with an in-house PBX must pay to maintain the equipment, cutting into the potential profit for the day. 

Such a comparison was the focus of a recent Nextiva blog post. The virtual PBX provider explored the importance of the morning meal in-depth. Let’s take a look at what this blog includes and how it relates to the role of the virtual PBX within the business environment. 

The conservative approach – it’s easy to assume that by skipping a meal, you consume fewer calories and therefore, should be able to lose weight. This logic doesn’t apply to the morning meal, however. Without a boost to your metabolism, you can actually gain weight. Likewise, by assuming you can skip the upgrade to the next generation in communications technology, you can inadvertently miss key cost and functionality advantages. 

The missing benefits – the typical breakfast skipper also misses out on the opportunity to consume essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to function correctly. Likewise, ignoring the potential of the virtual PBX could keep essential features and functions out of reach simply because they’re too costly on the legacy equipment. It seems like a conservative approach that can benefit the bottom line, but in reality it can add cost through reduced efficiency and productivity. 

The potential for performance – studies have shown time and again that by eating a healthy breakfast, individuals have fewer sick days, maintain lower weight, keep LDL cholesterol levels down and improve mental acuity. These individuals are also more alert and able to tackle challenges more effectively throughout the day. 

This concept resembles the virtual PBX in that access to the latest technology allows the business to focus on core competencies and not communications challenges. Plus, access to capabilities and calling is unlimited, without investing in new equipment or changing phone numbers. 

Nextiva’s business-class SIP trunking solution is the breakfast meal for the corporate environment as it contributes to positive overall health in operations. For instance, lower rates on international, toll free and long distance calls can save the organization up to 80 percent on the monthly phone bill. The existing broadband connection is used to integrate the entire organization and an easy-to-use system ensures rapid adoption. 

The health of a business is directly related to the elements in place to support that business, just as the breakfast meal supports the health of the individual. Skipping the meal robs the body of essential benefits; just as skipping the migration to the virtual PBX can rob the business of key communication advancements. Just don’t opt for the frappe and donut when you can have the multigrain muffin, fruit and turkey sausage. It’s not just important to eat that first meal – make it a healthy one.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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