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Real PBX Plans to Improve Hosted and Virtual PBX Services in 2013

January 22, 2013

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

Hosted and virtual PBX solutions are gaining popularity mainly because of their lower cost, scalability, mobility and security features.

According to The Real PBX, a provider of hosted and virtual PBX solutions, the use of these services has undoubtedly helped the corporate business phone sector to expand. Recently, the president of The Real PBX conducted an open press conference to identify new opportunities in the delivery of PBX services to clients. The focus of the open conference, which included some potential customers and guest business owners, was to discuss ways to improve the company’s existing suite.

The conference also helped the hosted PBX provider gain valuable insights about customers’ experience with current business telephony infrastructure and their expectations in regards to leveraging a new communications solution.

Hosted and virtual PBXs, according to the company, is a compelling proposition to enterprises, especially those looking to expand to multiple locations without being forced to invest a huge amount of capital. In fact, this next generation solution enables small and medium-sized firms gain access to a wide range of benefits including increase efficiency, rich quality interactions with customers and reduced costs.

The Real PBX has been in the telecommunications industry for over 10 years. Touted as a VoIP specialist, it is one of the first few companies that have continued to revamp its solutions in order to measure up to increasing demands.  The company’s recent introductions of both its Internet fax and click to call services in the last year have already turned out to be a great success.

Additionally, in a customer satisfaction survey conducted by The Real PBX findings reveal that more than 80 percent of the clients are satisfied with the quality of services being delivered. And the business phone system has raised profitability in organizations by nearly 15 percent when compared to the previous year.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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