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Exploring the Virtues of the Virtual PBX

January 04, 2013

By Susan J. Campbell - Virtual PBX Contributing Editor

The virtual office is gaining in popularity as professionals throughout the world are leveraging advancements in technology that allow them to work from anywhere and at any time. Plus, as the competition has increased for Web-based services, cloud-based offerings continue to decline in price. For the SMB seeking to implement a virtual PBX, the saturation rate is making these services not only affordable but sometimes even free. 

A recently published report suggests there is no better time than the present to launch the virtual office. When the majority of the business process is put online, the SMB can effectively hedge costs and reduce overall exposure. Plus, the business is no longer limited to expensive office real estate and the associated monthly bills. And, business leaders can be more selective in the individuals they employ. 

It’s important to implement the right management tools to keep track of the team and all projects in process. Options such as Basecamp, Huddle, Zoho and Google Drive allow for the storage of information and documents, as well as online tools that drive collaboration, scheduling and time management. All files are stored and managed in the cloud, providing a centralized location for all information associated with the virtual office. 

Selecting the right communications tools can prove to be a challenge if all options are not thoroughly examined. After all, the setup of a virtual office demands that the right communications platforms are in place. Virtual PBX, also known as VoIP, ensures the business has access to all the functionality of the private branch exchange. Users within the system can benefit from the assignment of individual extensions and call each other at no additional charge.

The virtual PBX not only offers several extensions for employees, it also allows for the regulation of these extensions from a static telephone connection. And, if the SMB leveraging the virtual office has plans for expansion in the future, the PBX can deliver advanced capabilities without demanding a significant increase in cost. 

A robust communication solution such as a PBX also ensures the SMB can establish reliable virtual support in a number of locations without the need and expense of managing a physical office. No hardware is needed to install the PBX and the service provider offering the solution will support all necessary hardware and connections to ensure the affordability of the service for even the smallest of businesses.

Moreover, the virtual PBX will automatically manage all incoming and outgoing calls to improve work efficiency. It is extremely reliable and can include such functions as an auto attendant, caller ID, fax to e-mail, call conferencing, voicemail, call waiting and call forwarding. The ultimate price of the solution will depend on the features needed, but the resulting solution far outweighs the traditional PBX in terms of efficiency, productivity and even functionality when it comes to flexibility and scale.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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