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Receive Coal This Year? May Pay to be Nice Instead of Naughty This Year with Virtual PBX Provider Nextiva

January 02, 2013

By Jamie Epstein - Virtual PBX Web Editor

With the holiday season that sparked commercials to infiltrate my brain beginning even before Halloween now finally over, what kind of gifts did you get this year? A new iPad or smartphone perhaps, or were you one of the more unlucky individuals who received nothing but coal as a reminder to ramp up their niceness and eliminate some of their naughtiness next year?

 If you were disappointed with your presents, just make sure you strive for better and brighter things in the New Year, starting with driving a much higher level of customer satisfaction within your business that can start with solutions including a virtual PBX. A virtual PBX is hosted telephony system that in essence directs incoming calls to various phone lines and powers key capabilities such as fax, voicemail, automated voice messages and conference calling.

Nextiva, a virtual PBX provider, recently highlighted five vital aspects to remain mindful of in order to bring a smile rather than a frown to your customer base in a blog post. They include:

  • Treating employees as if you would want to be treated

Oftentimes if an employee is not shown they are valued and given positive commentary once in awhile that can even be as simple as “good job,” their frustration will be displaced onto callers. Thus, it is vital that employees are treated highly so that this level of appreciation is carried into all customer interactions—no matter how gruesome.

  • A variety of communication channels must be leveraged with a call center

E-mail and fax are just some of the ways users should be able to turn to when they face problems or need to resolve a complaint in a short period of time. While recent statistics prove that more adults all over the world would prefer to interact with a live sales employee instead of an automated sales process, use this to your advantage by providing your sales team with the detailed information they need to truly appease a variety of customer demands.

  • Closely analyze who your customer base is

If you do some research and figure out who your target audience consists of, then it will be much easier to create advertisements and promotions that appeal to their individual wants and needs. According to Nextiva, nearly 56 percent of respondents in a survey admitted they don’t know exactly who their target customer base is and only 73 percent of those polled can identify their best shoppers, a 17 percent decrease since 2011.

  • Get social!

Exploring the never ending possibilities that yield from social media is now crucial to the success of an enterprise. In fact, approximately 71 percent of individuals stated they increasingly turn to these platforms when obstacles arise and they must contact a business for a rapid response. 88 percent of businesses have seen positive results from using social media with their customer service division as well.

  • Always do your best to continue to improve the overall customer experience

A happy customer will likely be a returning customer, so how about developing a loyalty program that will continue to reward them for buying your solutions? This seems to be a great idea, especially as over half of all consumers feel as if they should be receiving more benefits from individual loyalty reward programs than they are currently.

Nextiva caters to over 60,000 companies that depend on its unified communications suite to deliver much higher quality interactions to users. However even with next generation technology in place, without a solid agent base customers could still ultimately decide to team with competitors.

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Edited by Brooke Neuman

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