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Infradapt IaaS Delivers Uninterrupted Business Flow via Virtual PBX During Hurricane

November 12, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan - Virtual PBX Contributor

Cloud-based communications technologies like a virtual PBX find the best use in emergencies like recent Hurricane Sandy which swept through the East Coast. Since these services are delivered via the Internet, they do not require the hardware and software investments associated with traditional communications technologies.

Infradapt, a provider of IT consulting, and cloud services hosting solutions, is offering a wide range of solutions that enable clients to stay connected even in natural calamities like hurricanes.

The company’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service is highly beneficial as it allows users to bundle hardware, software and technical support into a monthly service fee. Another benefit of the technology is that it can be scaled to the applicable level of complexity an organization requires and may even provide a full replica of on-premises infrastructure.

"Leveraging the on-demand power of Infradapt's cloud infrastructure allowed our customers to have a virtual replica of their entire physical network infrastructure ready to be activated at a moment's notice,” said Infradapt managing partner John Reilly, in a statement. “This was key during Sandy when networks were failing and in some cases internal, on-premise systems were literally underwater."

The company’s cloud-based infrastructure is designed to deliver superior performance to many on-premises platforms, which proved especially valuable following the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. In fact, Infradapt's customers Keast & Hood Co. and Oskar Huber Furniture were among the many firms that have reaped the benefits of hosted solutions from the company. The portfolio allowed them to conduct business through the Internet, while simultaneously accessing e-mail files and critical applications like Hosted AutoCad. 

Don Huber of Oskar Huber Furniture explained, "Our fully-hosted telephony PBX system allowed calls to be routed directly to cell phones when our Ship Bottom, N.J. location flooded. After seeing the flexibility of Infradapt's cloud services, we plan to move our data applications over immediately as well."

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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