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New Website Offers Useful Information Regarding Virtual PBXs and Related Services

October 17, 2012

By Deepika Mala - Virtual PBX Contributor

Virtual phone systems play a very crucial role in establishing strong communication in offices. Realizing this, a new website has recently been unveiled, which will take the user directly to a promptly updated list of the top ten virtual PBX services currently available.

Touted as a simple and helpful site, it will help small businesses to find the best virtual phone system provider for their individual needs,  

In a statement, a spokesperson for the website said, “Businesses must understand the importance of prompt and proper communication within their organization. Yet, they must invest in a service that yields most value. Our expert analysis and rating of virtual phone system providers will help users’ make a better choice depending on their requirements.”

Additionally, the newly debuted website ranks service providers on various different scales, based on price, minutes and overage. The aggregate score of all these factors is then used to rank each service overall. The website is also updated on a regular basis, encompassing new reviews and content.

In fact, there is a whole team of experts who summarize their analyses of each provider in the form of a comprehensive and unbiased review. “Mere ratings and ranks might not be enough to offer complete information. A well informed decision requires in-depth knowledge of each service. That is why we also present a complete review of the entire service provider listed on our website,” added the spokesperson. is a resourceful database of articles and information regarding virtual PBXs and related services and enables users to write reviews or even share their experiences with particular vendors.

In related news, virtual-pbx reported that iTeleCenter, a provider of business phone systems and virtual PBX solutions, is now offering a call forwarding feature that provides small businesses with even more mobility when utilizing mobile apps.

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