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April 12, 2012

By Deepika Mala - Virtual PBX Contributor

Today, businesses all around the globe are embracing virtual PBXs as they make direct communications simpler and more affordable. Recently,, a comprehensive comparison Web portal, released several new articles all about the exciting world of virtual PBXs.

A virtual PBX allows for an entire company's incoming/outgoing messages and communications to be handled or hosted on a remote server that is far removed from your company's actual location.

In order to help companies, both big and small, find affordable solutions to business problems, provides handy comparisons of providers, reviews, videos, slide-shows, as well as creates detailed content. The new articles available on the site offer information on virtual PBX services, which have become increasingly popular among several companies.

Current PBX services include such things as call forwarding, voicemail, online fax and even a virtual receptionist –everything one needs to run a modern company.

"Virtual PBX - Is This The Right Option For Your Company?," is the title of the first article added to the website which examines all the important business decisions all new owners and managers have to answer, like is going with a virtual PBX service the right option in today's computer and Web obsessed world.

A separate piece entitled, "How Virtual PBX Makes Home Business Startups More Professional," shows how a virtual service can help project a ‘big company’ image, even for small startups.

Additionally, as more and more home businesses are created in this struggling economy, virtual PBXs will continue to become even more important as many of these new business owners opt for an affordable solution to their front office needs.

In related news, new RingCentral online fax and virtual phone services promotional offers have been recently added to the website in hopes for the company to enhance its footprint within the industry.

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