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SMEs Can Now Take Advantage of EmblaCom's Virtual PBX

February 29, 2012

By Jordan Eggers - Contributing Writer

EmblaCom, a provider of turnkey and cloud-hosted voice solutions, has just launched EmblaAgent, a virtual PBX solution.

The Finnish-based company is set to launch the new virtual PBX service initially in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The launch of the virtual PBX in the LAC market will be a significant asset that operators can leverage to provide innovative business services in the region.

“This is a remarkable step forward in operator business offerings for the LAC region, and EmblaCom is truly proud to be part of this giant leap,” said Janne Sivula, vice president sales and marketing for LAC, in an October release.

As most virtual PBX services cater to large companies, EmblaCom’s virtual PBX is unique in the fact that all companies, no matter what size, will now have access to the same functionalities that were previously accessible only by large enterprises.

Since small and medium enterprises (SME) represent 99 percent of business in the target market, the ability to offer the EmblaAgent virtual PBX service gives these organizations a competitive edge against other virtual PBX operators.

“Providing EmblaAgent as a cloud-hosted solution will provide another huge benefit to our customers,” said IIari Parkkinen, chief executive officer of EmblaCom. “EmblaAgent is a path to success as EmblaCom’s products are most profitable services in our customers’ portfolios.”

With EmblaAgent, multiple telephone numbers such as mobile phones, landlines and VoIP terminals are combined under one manageable number; reducing the number of lines needed in a company.

Virtual PBX systems generally provide call-routing services via the Internet that way any calls that are received by the system will be properly directed to an employee who can best help the customers with their individual needs. These takes away any technical issues or long call wait times that customers sometimes endure when trying to reach an enterprise.

In addition, the virtual PBX system allows companies to set up voice menus, call queues, call distribution methods and voice announcements.

Mobile operators are invited to view the new virtual PBX service in person, as the company is currently at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which is taking place until March 1. EmblaCom is located in Hall 1at booth #1E19.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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