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An Interesting Prospective on How Big the Virtual PBX Market is

March 03, 2011

By Charles West - Virtual PBX Web Editor

What is virtual PBX  you ask? Well, virtual PBX solutions are hosted and offer more features and flexibility without the need to purchase expensive equipment. If a business moves, there is no PBX equipment to move, no phone numbers to change and no downtime.

In a blog post written by TMC blogger David Bird, he reflects on an interview he gave to a potential candidate joining a certain virtual PBX provider. He was asked the simple question “How big is the market for C4 IP and GO!VBX?”  

He indicated that, what makes the answer interesting is to understand the target markets and underlying technologies of the two platforms (explaining C4 IP and GO!VBX). He mentioned how both products have options that move them from being business communications platforms to providing the most advanced Unified Communications capabilities. SMBs and SMEs find considerable benefit in virtual PBX

In an example of virtual PBX dominants, Bird talked about Enterprise Connect and how it was almost dominated by cloud computing or cloud based applications, which concerned many market leaders, Cisco and Avaya (in naming a few).

When it came to explaining financials, Bird used a research study conducted by Infonetic, illustrating how established enterprise PBX and UC markets achieved $8.3 billion in 2010 with 7.4 percent growth over 2009. Virtual PBX is a growing multi-billion dollar a year market.

TMC recently reported the growing trend in virtual PBX usage in Dubai. Businesses of all sizes are adopting more unified communication desktop tools in the workplace in order to boost efficiency and slash operating costs. According to a Gulf News report, this move is creating opportunities for traditional telephony devices to be replaced or augmented by new IT technologies, such as a virtual PBX, to enable employees to stay connected through desktops and not necessarily universal handsets. With the proliferation of virtual PBX throughout organizations, it is not uncommon to walk through the digitally transformed office and notice a change on the desktop. No longer is it easy to find single landline-based phones. 

Charles West is a Web Editor for virtual-pbx. Prior to joining TMC Charles worked with many gadget oriented sites that included running his own blog ( and Smartphone column for To read more of his articles, please visit his columnist page.

Edited by Charles West

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