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AT&T Chosen by US Army for Global Cloud Communications

October 09, 2017

By Mandi Nowitz, Web Editor

Today, AT&T announced it’s been chosen by the US Army for global cloud communications. This contract will serve approximately one million global users and provide a new form of connectivity. It will simplify how the Army will connect, collaborate, and share information.

Other additions include voice, video, chat, Instant Messaging, presence, and screen sharing. Overseas mechanics can use screen sharing to work with home base experts. Commanders and troops have direct access to troops all over the world in which they can interact for a real time experience. All of these features are accessed via desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that have been previously approved.

“We’re honored to deliver capabilities that complement our vision of a ‘Network of the Future’ for the Army. These services will help the heroes that defend our nation to connect, share and keep us safe,” said Kay Kapoor, President, AT&T Global Public Sector.

Importantly, no new capital investment will be required, as all services are cloud-based, transmitted over the internet. The Department of Defense supports the use of cloud-based communications, and cloud services meet prescribed Federal government security requirements.

By choosing AT&T, the US Army hopes to increase the global connectivity and communications capabilities among the one million users while enhancing the benefits for all involved. Real-time communication over the cloud is essential whenever there is a problem that requires dispersed personnel to immediately seek resolution from mainland colleagues or others abroad. To utilize existing equipment is a benefit from both a cost and familiarity perspective, and will drive adoption.

Adding the US Army to its already lengthy list of customers is a tremendous endorsement for both AT&T and cloud communications, in general.  Increasingly, large and distributed enterprises are leaning towards cloud communications solutions to replace or enhance their existing solutions, understanding the operational and cost benefits cloud offers.

What cloud communications service is your business using? 

Edited by Erik Linask

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