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Ready to Take Your Business Mobile? What's Your Plan?

July 23, 2014

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Can you easily work from anywhere in the world? This question is somewhat loaded as the definition of work is different for everyone. It’s also a little misleading as it may imply that you can simply stay in touch regardless of your location. To that end, let me clarify – can you do everything you need to do on a daily basis from anywhere in the world?

For those of us who have gone mobile, this is more than just connections without boundaries – it’s a whole new approach to work management.

Business VoIP provider Nextiva recently explored the topic in a blog post by Mike Michalowicz, CEO of consulting firm Provendus Group. Mike is a self-taught mobile business evangelist, which fits within his industry. After all, VoIP is designed not only to streamline operations and reduce costs, but also to provide greater flexibility. What is more flexible than a mobile solution?

Still, taking your business mobile requires more than just a robust smartphone and integrated tablet. The strategy can have pitfalls and Mike offers a few points to consider to avoid those challenges and work toward complete mobility without problems.

His first recommendation: communication. You have to be able to communicate with employees, clients, key contacts, etc. You can’t afford to be out of touch just because you’re on the road, so ensure you have a business VoIP solution that allows this kind of communication.

Mike also suggests that you use the cloud to store and share all of your data. It’s a great way to ensure the information you need is readily accessible no matter where you land. Many have turned to Google Drive for this capability. Whether you can stay in the free zone or have to pay for greater access, the minimal cost is worth it when you consider the time savings alone. Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time looking for documents or information that should be readily accessible.

Contingency plans are also a must. While you most likely already have something in place for the physical office in case a system goes down, you have to think in a little bit different terms when you’re mobile. What will you do if your laptop battery dies? What is your backup plan if you can’t find Wi-Fi? If Google Drive stops working in the middle of a presentation, how will you recover? All of these possibilities are common and have to be part of the thought process.

Finally, just do it. Thinking about going mobile and then actually taking the leap are two different things and only the latter will truly open your eyes to the challenges and opportunities you’ll encounter. The good news is that the opportunities and benefits generally far outweigh the challenges. So the time to get mobile is now. 

Edited by Alisen Downey

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