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VoIP Technology Giving Businesses Conferencing Solutions

March 17, 2014

By Michael Guta, Contributing Writer

Not too long ago, many organizations relied solely on travel to conduct business meetings; this was both expensive and inefficient. As the Internet continued developing and information and communications technologies (ICT) improved, businesses were able to leverage this new technology and use it to communicate with their business associates around the world without having to go anywhere. While the price of many conferencing solutions available in the marketplace have prevented small businesses from using this technology, VoIP now makes it possible for virtually anyone to use audio conferencing, teleconferencing and video conferencing.

Today's business VoIP technology provides organizations with many different solutions for communicating with everyone in and out of the organization. Whether it is for SMBs or enterprises, VoIP audio and video conferencing allows for multiple levels of security and flexibility, with calls for up to 300 participants depending on the service provider.

Service providers offer multiple options for audio conferencing, including: unlimited audio at no extra cost; providing your own conference call number for organizers, panelists and/or attendees; allowing integrated toll-free service participants to dial in using a toll-free number; and offering you and your attendees the option to also connect to the audio conference free of charge by choosing the mic and speakers (VoIP) option. Again, this depends on the options the service provider offers.

By integrating mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets with applications for Android, BlackBerry, iOS or Windows, they can be part of audio, tele and video conferencing so users can participate no matter where they are. This flexibility provides the ability to integrate multiple technologies to make the conference more engaging and saves cost by eliminating unnecessary travel.

The ability to customize services instantly, without complications, is one of the reasons businesses are increasingly adopting VoIP as their communications platform. Organizations can deploy video or audio conferencing, voice mail services or many of the available features or cancel them as they see fit depending on the needs of the company and its customers. VoIP allows businesses to talk on any device, get voice mail and faxes with your e-mail, get virtual phone numbers around the world, rich media services and move at a moment's notice.

Compared to traditional landline telephone systems VoIP is by far one of the most affordable and flexible communications solutions for individual consumers and businesses. This is because VoIP provides many options with just a single broadband connection, while an analogue line requires expensive equipment, lines, manpower, maintenance and rigid service tiers that are hard to get out off and upgrade without complications.

Edited by Alisen Downey

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