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Value in Nextiva's Business VoIP Solutions Drives Demand

September 17, 2012

By Susan J. Campbell, Business VoIP Contributing Editor

Call forwarding of some sort is used in most all businesses, many times in their business VoIP solution. The obvious benefit to using call forwarding is that clients need to know only one number to get in touch with a company representative. If that rep isn’t in the office, the call is transferred to wherever the rep might be making “availability” the biggest asset of call forwarding in a business VoIP solution.

While voicemail has its place, some callers feel leaving a voicemail is impersonal and wastes time due to the frequency at which voicemails aren’t returned. Call forwarding in business VoIP solutions builds the presence of a company, especially when they can call an 800 number and be directed to a switchboard that can put them in touch with the appropriate personnel

Nextiva, a business VoIP provider, has a mission to be the market leader for small businesses in need of a unified communication service, according to this company page. The call forwarding service offered in the business VoIP solution has a number of tools that are significantly advanced as compared to the traditional call forwarding most might be accustomed to.

Callers can get stuck in a loop of unanswered rings when call forwarding solutions go wrong. But Nextiva’s call forwarding always option allows the user to forward calls to another destination every time. To avoid the loop scenario, Nextiva has placed a CFA verification step in the process to make sure the call gets to a live person instead of an endless loop.

Nextiva’s business VoIP solution also allows for some selectivity in its call forwarding. The user can select a certain set of criteria for which calls go where. So, if the user wants calls from outside the immediate area directed to another department in the office, or directly to voicemail, that can be configured.

There are days when face-to-face meetings take precedence over phone calls. In some cases, voicemail is the best assistant. Users who know their clients aren’t turned off by voicemail can set their line up to have all calls go directly there. On the flip side, some days are non-stop on the phone. In this situation, the user can set up their line to redirect callers who would get a busy signal to an associate with an open line, thus keeping the flow going and customers happy.

Businesses need flexibility, even small businesses. Nextiva’s business VoIP solutions offer that flexibility, as well as the scalability necessary to support the dynamic environment in today’s companies.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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