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Some Business Owners in Chicago Hesitating to Implement VoIP Phone Systems

August 20, 2012

By Mandira Srivastava, Business VoIP Contributor

Business VoIP phone systems are completely transforming the way small businesses communicate due to the fact that these offerings provide considerable cost savings when compared to traditional phone systems. Yet, at this time there still there are many small businesses in the Chicago area that haven’t dove head first into the VoIP pool.

Speaking about the rather slow adaptation of business VoIP systems within the Chicago area, Daniel Wang, owner of Jexet Technologies, a Chicago IT support and VoIP business phone provider, said in a statement, “There is still a lot of caution out there about VoIP for small business. It’s natural, given how important it is, that smaller enterprise would be wary when it comes to changing their phone system. Plus issues like dependability, service level, and feature availability have made small business managers in Chicago take a wait and see approach.”

Business VoIP systems can dramatically cut expenses attributed to international calling as these solutions can be leveraged to transform audio files to data that can then be interpreted by a computer. As the VoIP industry continues to mature however, many service providers are realizing they are ready to transition to VoiP.

 “For example, multiple office solutions, where your office, remote employees, and branch offices are connected into a single phone solution, are now within reach of small business,” Wang added. “Also ‘Find and Follow Me’ calling that makes forwarding simple is a popular feature. Additionally, all our VoIP phones come with built in outage redundancy, where each phone is configured with a cell phone number that the system will automatically dial if the phone, Internet, or phone system is ever offline.”

In essence, any company with a phone system that is older than seven years should seriously considering moving to a VoIP solution as it will improve both customer acquisition and retention rates in these lean economic times.

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Edited by Jamie Epstein

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