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April 09, 2012

By Rajani Baburajan, Business VoIP Contributor

The growth of business VoIP has been rapid over the past few months, thanks to innovative technologies that have helped alleviate the concerns over VoIP security and reliability.

Recently, TDS revealed that VoIP is becoming a cornerstone technology that is helping businesses and employees communicate and collaborate anytime, anywhere, from any device. The technology has the ability to integrate voice and data applications into a single, unified network, enabling businesses to see reduced network management costs, streamline customer service, and increase productivity.

In an effort to eliminate the growing concern for reliable cheap communication enabled by business VoIP, has just launched a new service coined “VoIP Provider Database Services."

As the name indicates, the website offers a repository of VoIP providers in the state, giving customers the opportunity to compare and choose the best service based on their individual needs.  

Moreover, the site gives a comprehensive evaluation of each business VoIP provider, detailing how their services have fared in the market and how long they have been in service. Service providers can also be evaluated based on the comments and reviews of past users, as well as industry specialists who can assess the service from an independent angle.

The attractiveness of business VoIP is that it offers an affordable way to communicate for businesses large and small. The service is emerging as the best alternative to landline cables, making communications easier, simpler, smoother and better for everyone.

The services at this newly launched website vary from other similar sites because it breaks down the fundamentals that determine the eligibility of a business VoIP provider in delivering the service required. The service details the financial constraints that need to be considered while arriving at a consensus. The site is free from all types of bias while projecting a prospective provider and offers the best match between requirements and availability.

Boasting an intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to connect to this platform, every business that is considering implementing a business VoIP solution can now do so with a vast array of knowledge.

Edited by Jamie Epstein

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