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Rapid Business VoIP Growth in the US Related to the Need for a Unified Phone System

March 07, 2012

By Jamie Epstein, Business VoIP Web Editor

A recent report has revealed that the business VoIP equipment market in the United States will grow at a CAGR of 15 percent from 2010 to 2014.

You may be asking “why?” That’s right -- I can hear you through my computer!  Besides ease of use and improving productivity, business VoIP solutions offer organizations all over North America a way to leverage a unified phone system across various locations. In earlier years, when traditional phone systems were utilized by enterprises, they were required to have multiple lines and different networks, having the entire system act as different unconnected parts rather than a whole. 

Now that you are aware of why business VoIP is important in streamlining business operations, how do you select your ideal provider? Look no further than Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Nextiva, as the company stands out from its wide array of competitors for three key reasons.

First and foremost, the company handles all incoming calls in a short amount of time with an automated attendant complete with voice prompts being readily available. Employees can be reached through a main number at all times of day, and in case they aren’t available, the company will have a voicemail system ready to pick up the call for them. A business needs to maintain a professional image and instill a feeling of constant stability within customers. With multiple functionalities including Automated Attendant, voicemail, flexible call forwarding and find me/follow me in all Nextiva VoIP suites, you can rest assured that customers will have a positive opinion about the way in which you handle your business from the very beginning stages.

Second, costs are dramatically reduced, as the company can allow for an office with ten people to spend less than $300 per month for all of its services and phone calls. This is an extremely cost-effective price, and with all of the extra money you save, you can apply this capital to other projects that were once too expensive to complete. In addition, this business VoIP system can be seamlessly integrated with existing phones.

Third, because Nextiva owns and operates its own telecommunications and data equipment, the company doesn’t have to resell services to consumers that they are first acquiring from other providers. So in essence, there is no longer a need for a “middle man,” which leads to a much cheaper platform. Also, if the power or Internet service stops working at the business for any reason, your phone number will automatically forward important calls to any number you choose including your mobile phone or home phone.

It’s no secret why Nextiva’s business VoIP phone system is ranked extremely high. In fact, a customer recently commented, “Nextiva has proven they are committed to quality excellence while addressing real needs in the marketplace.”

Edited by Rich Steeves

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