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Business VoIP Featured Articles

  • Use Employee Reviews to Foster Positive Communication, Growth
    Every business VoIP provider knows that communication is the key to any successful organization-but that doesn't just mean IP-based communication. It also means communication between people. The level of communication between managers and their employees must be strong in order to keep a company functioning healthily. One way to help ensure that lines of communication stay open between workers is through a quality employee review process. This helps employees to get a better sense of where they can focus efforts on improvement, as well as helping the overall team understand expectations so that they can be met effectively. [Read More]
  • Business Tools Can Make Your Small Business Appear Mighty
    business, this is no longer the case, but there are certainly benefits to seeming "big." Giving customers the impression of size tends to indirectly reassure them that the business is well established, has plenty of support, and can be trusted with big projects and clients. In a sense, it comes down to reputation, and offering customers a sense of credibility. [Read More]
  • VoIP Systems Bring Dispersed Workforces Together
    Geographically dispersed staff members no longer have to tighten their budgets to save for costly travel expenses, because with the investment in a few tech tools, people can be present for meetings and collaboration, just without having to ever step foot on a plane or in a car. In IP communications, one attractive option is going with a business VoIP and virtual PBX system, as it's already a hassle-free technology that requires little to no attention. [Read More]
  • How to Improve Workforce Efficiency
    In looking through my Facebook feed, it's always interesting to see what people will post. Some are just sharing the latest happenings in their lives, while others are sharing something interesting they found online. A post that meets the latter caught my attention yesterday as a friend shared an article featuring 50 pictures from a time gone by. One picture featured a helmet employees could wear at work to ensure they only look at what is on their desk for optimal efficiency. [Read More]
  • How the Customer Experience Can Turn Your Business into a Competitive Threat
    Have you encountered that arrogant company? You know, the one where they are so convinced that their products are irreplaceable and therefore the customer experience is not a priority. For a while, this strategy can work - the reputation of the product may bring people to the door. But the real question is whether or not customers will continue to return. [Read More]

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Instant Conference Calls
  • HD Voice Quality
Featured Webinar

Featured Webinar

Barry Moltz: Featuring Peter Shankman When Self-Promotion is done right, it's not Self-Promotion: It's Help. Peter explains why the new rules of Self-Promotion start with helping, and end with other people doing your PR FOR you!

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