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Business VoIP Featured Articles

  • NetNumber and NetAxis Tackle VoIP Signaling and Data Traffic QoS with Combined Offering
    The complexity of today's real-time communications networks is part of their beauty, enabling a host of rich features and solutions that are easily customizable in terms of scalability and usability. Ensuring quality of service (QoS) on these networks has always been a challenge though, and many service providers have attempted to tackle this granularly, through complicated solutions deployed at the OSS/BSS layer. [Read More]
  • VoIP is Becoming Entrenched in Business Culture as Part of Larger UC Solutions
    When I first began writing for Internet Telephony magazine in 1998, part of our job was to convince the business world at large that VoIP was not just a quirky little hobbyist trend. The market was already in full swing with big names like 3Com, Lucent and Cisco feverishly developing products and educating the channel about the large-scale advantages of VoIP. [Read More]
  • 8x8 Announces SLA for Enterprise Customers
    Service-level agreements (SLAs), are on the rise as enterprises realize growing risks in a legally complex and increasingly regulated, interconnected global economy, and so 8x8's recent announcement is good news for qualified enterprise customers. The company announced its SLA, which promises quite a few benefits. [Read More]
  • Business VoIP a Key SMB Technology for 2015
    Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often have little extra time or resources, and may as a result be using outdated business technology and services. But, in doing so, SMBs hurt their bottom line because they're not using tools designed for their specific needs. [Read More]
  • FCC Looking at Requiring Telcos to Offer Backup Power to Phone Service During Outages
    The FCC certainly isn't shying away from fights with some of the biggest tech companies in the world at the beginning of 2015. The agency is looking to launching brand new rules when it comes to Net Neutrality and now it is also taking a look at requiring a kind of backup plan for telephone service when the power goes out. In particular, the FCC wants Internet Service Providers that also offer phone service to provide a backup power requirement when power outages strike. [Read More]

Key Benefits

  • Unlimited Calling & Faxing
  • Number Portability
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Instant Conference Calls
  • HD Voice Quality
Featured Webinar

Featured Webinar

Barry Moltz: Featuring Peter Shankman When Self-Promotion is done right, it's not Self-Promotion: It's Help. Peter explains why the new rules of Self-Promotion start with helping, and end with other people doing your PR FOR you!

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