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July 25, 2016

Webinar - When it Comes to Hosted PBX Pricing There is a Better Way

Hopefully I had you with the headline.  The reason is that while the momentum to move almost “E”verything to the cloud continues unabated, for all of the well-known and documented reasons, particularly in the area of hosted PBX (News - Alert), it turns out that not all hosted PBX solutions are optimized for your return on investment (ROI) expectations.  In fact, it is more than arguable that if you are paying on the now industry standard practice of per-seat/per-feature you probably are paying too much.

There has been a certain attraction to the current subscription model employed by the vast majority of hosted PBX companies.  On first blush, it seems to make sense that if I am paying only for the users on the system and only for the features they use, I should be paying only for what I need and not a cent more.  Realities are that this is a bit tricky.  Like having cable TV service, what features come in the “basic” or “premium” services varies by vendor.  Plus, like cable you are going to pay a premium for those premium services you need that are not included in the bundle.  And, depending on which features you believe are “mission critical” that every seat needs, but your hosted PBX solutions company believes are premium, it could cost you dearly.

 Indeed, here in the U.S., cable customer churn is typically highly correlated to not just general pricing but also which premium packages people want.  It is also a reason why cable companies have been losing entertainment subscribers to the like of Netflix and Hulu (News - Alert), and in response have going to “skinny bundles” to give customers the perception we are not overpaying for a service that has hundreds of channels we don’t use. 

The above is a bit of context for the fact that in the hosted PBX business the same thing is happening, but interestingly the way to optimize your ROI and not by shopping around for who has the best bundle.   In fact, NetSapiens (News - Alert) has developed what it calls a concurrent call pricing model, based on a “Universal Session License” approach that addresses this issue really getting and paying for what you need.

This unique approach to leveraging modern licensing management based on a different look at who, how, why and why traffic is generated via a hosted PBX solution will be the topic of an insightful webinar, You're Doing It Wrong!  Why You Shouldn't Be Paying Per-Seat/Per-Feature for Hosted PBX. To be held Thursday, July 28, 2016, 2:00pm ET/ 11:00am PT, you are invited to join myself and Ken Adams, Director of Solutions Marketing, NetSapiens , as we take a deep dive into your hosted PBX options and why a concurrent  call-based pricing model is something to evaluate.

  • Topics to be covered include:
  • The basics of per-seat/per feature pricing
  • How per-seat/ per-feature pricing can limit your profitability
  • How a concurrent call pricing model benefits service providers and enterprises.?
  • Real world ROI comparisons of per-seat pricing v. concurrent call pricing.
  • The NetSapiens Pricing Model- Universal Session License

We live in an era where we want what we want, when and how we want it, and while willing to pay for services only want to pay for what we need and not have the impression we are being taken advantage of.  This goes for our personal consumption of services as well as those we use in business.

Knowledge is power and knowing what you options are is never a bad idea.  After all, the last thing your company wants to do is not fully optimize its investment in technologies that are there to make you more operationally efficient and effective. 

Edited by Alicia Young