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May 04, 2016

Webinar - Enterprise Cloud Communications: What You Need to Know

Today’s business world continues to shift its dynamic from one that operated fully in-house with clunky on-premises equipment to one that’s allowing hosted and cloud-based solutions into the mix. These cloud communications solutions are replacing traditional on-premises systems and changing the dynamics of the enterprise. No more keeping tabs on servers and having to perform daunting upgrades.

Not just cloud solutions delivered from any provider will do however. A true enterprise-grade cloud communications solution should be always-on, global and reliable. Not only that, but security is huge today – especially for enterprises, it’s not something to overlook

In fact most IT departments are hesitant about moving to the cloud because of the security fears and giving up the control. Understanding what safe guards are in place and feeling comfortable with an enterprise cloud solution is vital in today’s market.

Sifting through the myriad of offerings can be overwhelming for CIOs and those in charge of IT in the enterprise.

An upcoming TMCnet Webinar, 8 Criteria for Enterprise-Grade Cloud Communications, sponsored by 8x8 (News - Alert), will look at the basic things companies need to have on their checklist as they explore different cloud communication solution options.

Whether you’re looking for something this is more flexible and have a greater global reach, or your concerns are more about the risks of downtime and compliance. These will be the important factors to consider when picking a cloud communications provider.

Featured on the webinar will be Max Ball (News - Alert) Senior Product Marketing Manager
Virtual Contact Center at 8x8, Inc. and Tina Liu Senior Product Marketing Manager Virtual Office.


Edited by Maurice Nagle