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April 19, 2016

Webinar - Why Cloud-based Software Licensing Can and Should be the Path to Future Success

There can be no disputing that we live in an increasingly always on/always connected world. In this brave new world, software-centricity has become a major, if not the major, driver of not just current value, but sustainable differentiated value. And, on top of this, has been what I have previously characterized as the next phase of the digital era -  “The Age of Acceleration.” It is an age where the only certainties are change and the speed at which it is increasing.

It is an age where a premium will be on the agility to respond rapidly to the preferences of individuals and organizations looking for customized solutions. And, something to keep in mind is that they have access almost instantaneously to information and options. In fact, customers have actionable insights and have proven they are not afraid to use such information, combined with their experiences, to laud those who meet or exceed their expectations and punish those who do not.  To paraphrase the famous Marc Andreesen line, software may not be eating the world but those who fail to properly harness it powers will be consumed.

Indeed, driven by all of the big trends we read about almost daily—the cloud (E”verything as a Service), mobility, globalization, social media, security, etc.—getting a handle on how best to accommodate change and optimally monetize the value of all that software that is foundational to almost everything we do personally and professionally has become mission critical. This becomes especially true as we move away from perpetual software license models where software was delivered on physical media.

The facts are that the world is quickly becoming ever cloudier. In the next few years all of the applications and services we use will be cloud-friendly from the start. The vast majority will be accessed through private, public or hybrid cloud environments. The cloud, thanks to software is seemingly eating the world.

In this cloud-driven world, the challenge for creators of software and those who are transforming to make software the centerpiece of their differentiated and sustainable value, is how to best monetize the almost breathless pace of market change. The short answer, considering the need for software providers and their customers alike to have visibility and control over how software is delivered, packaged, priced, updated and used, is having a cloud-based licensing and entitlement solution in place. Such a solution provides the three things software-centric organizations desire to be successful:

  • Product differentiation
  • Operational excellence
  • Customer intimacy

How cloud-based licensing and entitlement management software monetization solutions can help your organization create sustainable differentiated value, be more operationally efficient and effective, and ultimately more loyal customers based on an exponential increase in responsiveness on a variety of fronts, will be the subject of the forthcoming webinar, aptly named, Cloud-Based Software Licensing: Enabling Operational Efficiency, Delighted Customers and Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Hosted by Gemalto (News - Alert), you are invited to join me, Jeff Kaplan Managing Director, THINKstrategies and Jamshed "Jam" Khan, Director of Professional Services, Gemalto, Tue, Apr 26, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT, as we delve into how a cloud-based licensing solution can and should be part of your roadmap for future success. 

As an added incentive, this will be the first opportunity to get a sneak peak at THINKstrategies about to be released white paper on the subject. We hope you can join us.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi