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March 08, 2016

Webinar - Are You Ready to Make the Move to the Cloud?

It is almost impossible these days to not be bombarded with information about why your organization should be moving not just things like DevOps and email to the cloud but almost “E”verything.  This includes truly ‘mission critical” applications and capabilities and even security being provided as a cloud service. 

Indeed, at this point we have all become familiar with the benefits of the cloud in terms of its ability to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, reduce CapEx, increase reach by enabling employees to have high performance and secure access to the full panoply of tools they need from anywhere, allow skilled professionals to keep up with dynamic change, etc.  However, while the use cases from moving to the cloud have unequivocally demonstrated the value of moving, and security concerns have been not just minimized but abated; this leaves an important open question. Which cloud implementation is right for your organization?

Realities are that this is a non-trivial question. Not all cloud environments are created equal. Indeed, in light of the advancement and proliferation of communications and collaboration applications choosing the right one, and the right solutions provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) is complicated to say the least. This is particularly important as the move to the cloud is a journey. Hence, have a trusted provider that can facilitate a reasoned and optimal migration to the cloud is key. Who can you trust and why if you think you are ready to make the move?  

One cloud environment to consider, particularly if you are currently a customer of their on-premise solutions is Avaya (News - Alert) and its skilled channel partners. Avaya’s reference architecture and participation through the company and its channels in the Avaya Cloud migration program, have demonstrated both the benefits of moving to the cloud and that such a move does not have to be disruptive to your organization. 

The subject of why moving to the cloud with Avaya solutions with a trusted partner can be the right choice for your organization will be the subject of an insightful webinar, The Avaya Cloud is Here – Are you Ready?  To be held, Wednesday, March 23, 2016 02:00 PM EDT / 11:00 AM PDT, you are invited to join me and Dunstan Speeth, Director of Cloud Solutions, VOX Network Solutions as we explore:

  1. How you evaluate and differentiate the common delivery models and terms associated with CaaS solutions.
  2. The benefits of the Avaya Cloud migration program including credits for your current licenses, converting maintenance agreements and investment protection of your existing hardware.
  3. The value of a secure Avaya reference architecture, flexible support options and simplified utility price structure.
  4. Best practices of an Avaya Cloud architecture, examples of hybrid or complete migrations to the cloud and why you need a certified Avaya Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

If you are a current user of Avaya or Nortel (News - Alert) solutions, this is a unique opportunity to find out how you can leverage those investments while successfully moving to the cloud.  Find out how and why a certified Avaya Cloud Service Provider (CSP (News - Alert)) is ready when you are.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi