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February 26, 2016

Webinar - CafeX Helps Supervisors Succeed with Real-Time Agent Assistance

Call center supervisors are challenged with a unique task today. Not only do they need to ensure call centers are successful and running smoothly but they also have to monitor agents that are increasingly located in different parts of the world, logging in remotely to fulfill their customer care duties.

Thinking about training agents to do the job right, without having a sit down, face to face meeting to coaching and train them might seem odd. But it’s quickly becoming the norm.

Even with remote capabilities, supervisors still need to be able to use the technology and hope that it works to make use of the innovation. Problems with remote monitoring usually include needing to wait until after a call is recorded to listen to what happened, and then offer feedback. But this kind of coaching is not effective. 

The time has come to move beyond historical and reactive training and make it possible for supervisors to interact, help and improve an agents operations during a live call – in the actual time of need happens.

That’s exactly what CafeX Supervisor Assist offers. The product makes live listening by a supervisor or a consultant from the outside possible. They simply use their own desktop and browser to hear and can listen and see whats going on at the time that it is actually happening. They can even view multiple monitors, talk to agents offline about how to help with the situation and take control of the screen if necessary.

During a recent Webinar, Lorin Sutton Director of Professional Services at CafeX Communications walked attendees through a live demo of Supervisor Assist to show how a supervisor can specifically work with an individual agent and mentor them based on their specific needs.

Sheila McGee-Smith, principal at McGee-Smith Analytics recently commented, “In an environment where technology and customer demands are constantly changing, the tools to support the supervision and management of agents has historically lagged. Web-based coaching solutions like CaféX’s Supervisor Assist—that enable real-time, multi-channel engagement between coaches and agents—help extend quality programs, allowing both agents and businesses to be more successful.”

To hear more about CafeX Supervisor Assist and check out the demo, check out the archived version of the Webinar HERE