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January 12, 2016

Webinar - Virtual Assistants Could Save You from Customer Service Nightmares

Customers today are more demanding and unpredictable than ever before. If you’re a business and you thought it was a challenge to meet customer needs in the past when the only way they could contact you was after wading through a phone system, waiting on hold or writing you via snail mail – then the current situation is likely to have left your head spinning.  That’s because today, customers have highly intelligent tools and an ‘always on’ connection to the rest of the world. So there are no more “nine-to-five” business hours, and you have to be ready and able to help whenever they need it.

One way businesses are combating this is through the use of virtual assistance tools. These options can help to lower customer support costs while assisting customers with potential common inquires before they ever need to speak with a live agent.

Some of these applications are actually becoming so human-like in the way they speak and understand common inquiries that they are even able to offer customers the personalized experience they are looking for from companies.

During an upcoming Webinar sponsored by inbenta and titled, “Intelligent Assistance: The Future of Customer Self-Service,” attendees will hear more about the importance of virtual assistance avatars today, why self-service technology is transforming the customer experience and how Intelligent Assistance can improve customer loyalty and increase revenues.

inbenta CEO Jordi Torras will be joined by Dan Miller (News - Alert) Lead Analyst & Founder Opus Research and Amy Stapleton, Virtual Agent Chat blog at Intelligent Factors, LLC for this must attend event.


Edited by Kyle Piscioniere