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November 13, 2015

Webinar - Making the Unified Communications (UC) Experience Optimal

So often in the technology world we love to hear about the sizzle, but it is the little things that can really make a difference.  A great example of course is extended battery life on our smart devices along with fast charging.  Another great example has to do with contact centers and agent productivity.  Not only is the ability for agents to be responsive a function of the information on the screens they sit in front of, which are increasingly filled with more and more contextual information and insights about the customer journey, but it is also in no short measure a function of their ability to hear. 

In fact, it could be argued that high-fidelity hearing is both a critical part of being responsive in general but also is the true frontline of real-time interactions that are contextual as understanding a customer’s tone of voice is key to being able to help them resolve problems quickly and in a manner that hopefully exceeds expectations.  In short, the quality and feature functionality of headsets are important.  It can also be argued that having this type of context is important not just for contact center agents but for anyone using state-of-the-art unified communications (UC) and collaboration capabilities as major parts of how they work. 

I bring this up as an introduction and invitation to what will be a promising webinar, Optimize your Unified Communications (News - Alert) with Sennheiser Headsets.  To be held Thursday, November 19, 2015 02:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM PDT, join me and Douglas Bowersox National Sales Manager, Sennheiser as we explore why having the highest quality headset really can and does make a difference in the modern workplace regardless of where you are.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Brief history of Sennheiser
  • Sennheiser's Telephony, UC and Collaboration Headset portfolio
  • Product use positioning within the workplace
  • Sales positioning of Sennheiser headsets for resale

For more than 70 years the Sennheiser has been recognized as a leader in providing a range of quality products across all areas of sound recording, transmission and reproduction.  They provide a broad range of business headsets that not only have incredible fidelity but also do a great job in blocking out distractive noise in busy environments.  Plus, since not just clarity but hearing protection is paramount the company’s ActiveGard® technology provides defense from unexpected sound bursts, ensuring that user’s hearing is never at risk. 

In the name of full disclosure, I happen to use Sennheiser products for both work, and as importantly at home where a wireless headset allows me to watch television with incredible sound while my wife sleeps thanks to the volume on the TV being turned all the way down.  In fact, the adjustments on this device are frequency sensitive so they can accommodate people with various levels of hearing loss.  I will admit to being a huge fan.

As an inducement to join me and Douglas live, you should be aware that we are going to be selecting at random three participants at the end of the webinar to enjoy the Sennheiser experience by giving away a SP 20 ML, MB PRO 2, or a Presence UC headset.

This really is a case where hearing as well as seeing is believing. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle