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November 09, 2015

Webinar - Mobility and Customer Engagement Demands Are Pushing Retail Communications to the Cloud

The era of omnichannel retail purchasing and interactions is upon us and traditional customer service simply doesn’t cut it in this broad and evolving landscape. Massive adoption of mobile devices and applications is changing the way customers purchase and interact with retailers, and consumers are demanding better and more innovative interactions.

Another important component of retail communications and interaction is happening on the sales side of the equation. Just as consumers are using mobility to communicate and shop, sales staff are also using their mobile devices to communicate with customers. Many of these interactions are happening on personal devices, outside the purview of management and control. A unified approach to mobility, communication and customer interactions is absolutely essential to properly manage and harness the omnichannel retail explosion.

ThinkingPhones aims to do just that, unifying business communication services onto a single cloud platform. This includes voice, text and conferencing, which all seamlessly interact with other cloud applications, with the goal of delivering intelligent and mobile-ready apps to both customers and staff.

Geared toward enterprises and service providers alike, the ThinkingPhones cloud platform features a back-office deployment and billing toolkit as well as a variety of integrated apps. These include voice, mobility, video, contact center and conferencing capabilities as well as support for mobile smartphones, tablets, softphones and desktop devices. Additional features include a built-in analytics engine for capturing data across applications to offer visibility and insight to management. The platform also offers flexible web services APIs for integration with CRM, ERP and other legacy systems.

ThinkingPhones and TMCnet will be presenting a webinar on the “3 Key Benefits to Moving Retail Communications to the Cloud” on 11/18 at 11 a.m. ET. Ken Westermann, principal architect and sr. director of provisioning at ThinkingPhones, will discuss why retail communications are moving to the cloud and how technologies like the ThinkingPhones platform can help businesses create a more engaging and manageable customer experience.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi