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April 15, 2015

Webinar - How to Do Customer Journey Mapping the Right Way

There are few no-brainer ways to win customers. Delivering an exceptional product is at the top of the list when it comes to gaining customers. But it takes more than popularity to keep those customers coming back.  The ‘Customer Journey’ is a phrase we’re starting to hear a lot more today as businesses struggle to keep and attract new customers.

During a recent i2i Customer Journey Webinar titled:   Transform Your Business By Creating an Actionable Customer Journey Map,” sponsored by SugarCRM (News - Alert), Phil Winters talked exclusively about this topic and provided his insight on how companies can win by focusing on the customer journey.

Phil is an independent Business Advisor and has had a passionate focus on the customer over the last 30+ years – earning him international recognition as “The Father of Customer Intelligence.”

Phil noted during the webinar that regardless of what organizations or market a company serves, the main focus is on our customers and trying to figure out how to best target groups and audiences.

What we need to do though, according to Phil, is change the orientation of that outlook and instead look at things from the customer point of view.

That means no longer targeting customers - we’re now buying, getting, receiving and using the product or service.

Understanding this and that the actual decision cycle starts long before a customer approaches us is key. It starts with a need and  typically moves on to researching then deciding on something, receiving the product or service – then using it – and finally, remembering what that cycle was like for the next time.

Thinking about the customer journey in this way changes everything going forward.

It’s important to understand, Phil said, that customer needs are not changing. Whats changing is our ability to use new ways of communications and gathering information – touchpoints.

There are so many new social media, mobile, digital touchpoints today combined with our expectations – and that is where everything is changing, regardless of the industry.

It’s not just about sales anymore. Touch points are spanning to include internet search engines for research – and a number other ways customers are gathering information and making decisions.

The first step, according to Phil, is documenting the customer perspective. This requires asking people in your organization who touch the customer as they can help better understand and define the decision cycle quickly to be successful. To hear more, check out the archived version of the Webinar.