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April 07, 2015

Webinar - Why Your Business Needs to Improve Customer Response Time and Satisfaction

Organizations are putting more focus on the customer experience given that customers today have higher expectations on this front.

Customers are more demanding than ever because smartphones, tablets, broadband connections, and services like Uber have created an on-demand society in which a wide variety of content and services are at people’s fingertips. And unlike the past in which people were pretty comfortable holding on the phone or patiently waiting for their turn in line, in today’s increasingly digital world many people imagine themselves at the front of the line.

Indeed, consumers today are used to immediate gratification/expedited service. Not only that, but customers want what they want how they want it – meaning using the communications channel of their choice.

That means organizations that want to do business with these individuals need to invest in new solutions to make them more agile so they can respond to what some are calling the new consumer. Cloud-based solutions can help get them there because cloud technology opens the door to more affordable and flexible solutions that can expand and extract as needed, allow for a distributed workforce – meaning the right tools and people are in place when needed, and enable employees to be more productive. And allowing customers and customer-facing business representatives to communicate using the most appropriate medium for the task at hand – and to have a seamless experience in doing so – leads to happier customers, more productive and loyal employees, and more successful businesses.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi