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March 16, 2015

Webinar - Securing Hadoop in Your Enterprise

There are few topics inside enterprises these days that don’t revolve around Big Data. It is a big topic with really big implications. And as part of that discussion, the hot area surrounds the implementation and use of Apache Hadoop. In just a few short years this open source framework for distributed storage and processing of large sets of data on commodity hardware has become the gold standard. 

It should also be noted for context that numerous Apache Software Foundation (ASF) projects make up the services required by enterprises to deploy, integrate and work with Hadoop. In fact, the ASF projects are extraordinarily diverse, and each is aimed at enhancement of a very specific function—hence having its own community of developers and timetables.

Enterprise Hadoop solutions specialists Hortonworks have a nice visual for understanding the ASF projects and the centrality of Hadoop.

Source (News - Alert): Hortonworks

Realities are that with Big Data come big security concerns.  Data at rest and on the move, when processed and used for decision-making purposes, is almost the definition of “mission critical.”  It is why securing Hadoop data is so top of mind inside of enterprises.

With protecting the data as the top priority of IT departments—regardless of size or location— and given the criticality of Hadoop, there is reason to realize that no matter where you are in your Hadoop implementation plans, it’s best to define your data security approach now, not later. There is a level of urgency in doing so.  The integration of Hadoop into existing data center technologies and the planned transformation of these data centers in the near future are picking up momentum. This means Hadoop and the securing of its data have to be considered now. 

A terrific opportunity to get educated about all of this and ask the experts is the forthcoming webinar, “Secure Analytics in the Modern Data Architecture,” to be held Tuesday, March 31, 2015 1:00 PM EDT / 10:00 AM PDT.  You are invited to join me, Sudeep Venkatesh, VP Solutions Architecture, Voltage Security, Inc., and Balaji Ganesan, Senior Director of Enterprise Security and Strategy, Hortonworks, as we take a deep dive into the security challenges surrounding Hadoop along with big data and sophisticated analytics in general. 

Topics to be addressed include such things as central policy administration framework across security requirements for authentication, authorization, auditing and data protection.  Learn how data-centric security will remove obstacles to rapid implementation of Hadoop, address privacy regulations, and neutralize data breaches.

Also on the agenda are details about data-centric protection technologies that easily integrate with Hive, Sqoop, MapReduce and other Hadoop interfaces. As the presentation will explain, you can secure data but still make it available for analytics.

Whether you are considering Hadoop or are already using it, this is a unique opportunity to find out how to secure the data and have peace of mind going forward.  

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino