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November 03, 2014

Webinar - Life Management Services-SugarCRM helps VetAdvisor Show the Way

So much of what we read and even write about when it comes to technology has to do with the life cycle management of investments (think ROI and TCO calculations), or even obtaining and using information about the long-term value of a customer.  However, as we move into a world of what can best be described as the “connected life” era, increasingly the role of technology in improving people’s quality of life has become an area of great opportunity for companies looking to provide innovative value-added services. 

In fact, as the headline above points out, there is a real need for giving customers an almost limitless amount of capabilities to be not just reactive but proactive about things such as their health, employment opportunities, etc. by collecting and using all of the information that is now and will be generated by all of our connected devices and services.

A prime example of a company that is at the leading-edge of such innovations in life management services and support is SugarCRM.  The company’s current tagline, “CRM Designed with the Individual in Mind,” speaks to its mission of putting an emphasis on all three of the words that make up CRM, e.g., “customer,” “relationship” and “management.” 

If you visit the company home page you can see how it is busy transforming traditional approaches to CRM by making it personalized. As they say, “Sugar fuses the straightforward simplicity, mobility, and social aspects of a consumer app with the business process optimization of conventional CRM.”

In regards to the rest of the headline above, the company’s technology is enabling VetAdvisor to offer unique and valuable services in support of military veterans. VetAdvisor is leveraging the design criteria of SugarCRM (News - Alert) to provide vets support services that are fully integrated, veteran-centric, proactive, and preventive. The platform delivers services aimed at developing strong relationships between VetAdvisor coaches and the veterans they serve.

This is an approach to life management that is food for thought in looking at how to serve customers in unique ways. In fact, Monday, November 10, 2014 12:00 PM EST / 9:00 AM PST, you are invited to participate in the webinar, Applying FitBit and CRM Technology to Improve Service Management for Veterans. Join me, Paul Handly, CTO of VetAdvisor, and Erica Benton, Customer Advocacy Manager at SugarCRM, as details are explained on how this service-based organization uses key integrations with solutions like Twilio (News - Alert) and FitBit to better support those who have served their country, and how they have implemented innovative technology that makes a real impact to these veterans.

Topics that will be addressed include:  

  • How VetAdvisor is setting a new standard of care for military veterans using technology, while staying ahead of the regulatory compliance curve
  • 3 core principles in VetAdvisor's technology decision-making process
  • Tips on how any organization can apply these principles to process and technology decisions to improve customer service and loyalty.

One of the top, if not the top, trends in enhancing customer experience has been the push to “personalize” the experience to the greatest extent possible as a means of creating real differentiated value. This means creating an “E”vironment that is intuitive to the end customer that gives the servicing organization the functionality and insights needed to turn information into actionable capabilities.  VetAdvisor is a great example of how life management can be a case of using next generation technology to do well by doing good. It is also an example of where opportunity lies in creating valuable services that engender both customer loyalty and growing revenue.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle