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August 05, 2013

Webinar - How to Leverage M2M in a 4G Environment

The Internet of Things, also known as machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, is one of the emerging magatrends in business. With the rise of cloud computing and cheap mobility solutions delivering unprecedented communication among workers, the next step is enabling sensors, kiosks and other electronic devices to communicate with each other and directly with workers.

This M2M revolution is already well underway, and forward-thinking businesses are finding competitive advantage through the use of the technology to deliver real-time data and make better, more agile businesses decisions.

With 4G LTE (News - Alert) now starting to seriously replace 2G and 3G cellular connectivity, the question arises how businesses can leverage the added speed and bandwidth for new and better M2M solutions.

The spectral efficiency and other attributes of 4G also have the potential to reduce the cost of M2M and deliver future-proofing for devices that may stay in the field for 10 or even 15 years.

Some of the solutions that might take advantage of 4G include kiosks, digital signage, video surveillance, transportation, industrial monitoring and business continuity.

Getting the right network solution in place can deliver improved operations, quality control, decision making, relationships with customers and transactional opportunities. M2M can provide asset tracking, remote monitoring and device maintenance, among other benefits.

One company leading the M2M revolution is CradlePoint (News - Alert), a cloud-managed 3G/4G networking solutions provider that provides secure connectivity to distributed enterprises, small businesses and mobile customers. CradlePoint is the first to pioneer and fully enable high-speed 4G LTE in M2M solutions, according to the company, and it recently was recognized for its excellence with the 2013 Competitive Strategy Leadership Award for M2M Communications from Frost & Sullivan (News - Alert).

“CradlePoint has established itself as the preferred vendor of choice in M2M by delivering reliable, effective, and economical wireless connectivity solutions to the distributed enterprise segment,” said Vikrant Gandhi, principal analyst in Mobile and Wireless Communications for Frost & Sullivan.

To hear all about 4G and the latest innovation in M2M check out, “The Need for Speed: 4G Enables a New Wave of M2M Applications,” on Tuesday, August 13 at 11am EDT.

The webinar will address acceleration of 4G network deployment, M2M market trends, target market segments, integration of network solutions with M2M platforms, time to market for M2M platforms, as well as customer best practices when it comes to M2M.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi