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March 13, 2013

Webinar - Get in the Know, Network Management Tools Can Help Your Firm Grow

As company’s networks throughout the world are becoming more complex by the day due to newly added devices and applications entering the infrastructure, a robust platform is needed to handle these increasing demands. Yet, it is just as important to have an efficient solution that boasts a high level of flexibility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency that can be used to closely monitor and manage every activity taking place within the corporate network in place.

Many firms have suffered catastrophic effects from their network going down all together or working at a pace equivalent to the speed of a turtle. To overcome these challenges, your network management solution of choice must be able to seamlessly integrate with new technologies as they make their way to the market in order for you to see a higher return on investment and increase in revenue.

According to a piece from Writer Brian John, “It is critical to constantly monitor the network for any potential problem that may become so severe that the entire infrastructure of the business is affected. In order to effectively manage a network, a number of resources and their parameter have to be monitored on daily basis. This task gets more complex with the size of the network. Therefore network management tools are utilized by the management in orders to quickly pin point any trouble within the network and takes necessary steps to rectify it.

John added, “Items that are usually monitored by network management tools include asset tracking, device availability, status of critical services and applications, utilization of memory, key trend analysis and server health check as well as log checks of back-up and anti-virus applications. The data captured through monitoring of these tools is used in compilation of comprehensive reports which are then used to support budgeting process and formulation, regulatory compliance as well strategic and corporate planning.”

If you have realized you need a network management offering right now before your business growth has the potential to be halted, be sure to attend an upcoming webinar titled, “Built to Last: Why network management architecture matters for modern networks,” taking place on Wednesday, March 20 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

Jim Frey, managing research director, Enterprise Management Associates Inc. in addition to Pete Bartz, field solutions engineer, Entuity (News - Alert) will be presenting during the no-to-miss event and discussing key topics including: the overall benefits of unified network management, the technological requirements for getting this system up and running without delay, and most importantly, the key things to look for when choosing a network management product.

Don’t delay, register today!

Edited by Carlos Olivera