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March 01, 2013

Webinar - What Next Generation Networks Need to Be Successful

Next generation networks nowadays can completely reshape nearly all operations taking place within a business. These type of connections are touted as powering voice, data, video and more—all of which can significantly improve quality of service and mobility within firms spread across the globe.

However, a key element of any network that users sometimes overlook is an efficient network management tool that drives scalability and efficiency and can enhance visibility into each an every action taking place within the corporate infrastructure. While having access to a network that can handle a large amount of demand is vital in order to keep a competitive edge, managing and maintaining it is just as crucial to the overall success of any business.

With many different types of network management solutions currently on the market, how can you be sure you are selecting the right one? First, you must outline the exact capabilities your firm is in search of. Next, determining if the offering can grow alongside your organization is extremely important in order to keep pace with newly unveiled technologies. Lastly, will the product be giving you the transparency you need to make better business-related decisions? If not, this is definitely not the ideal product for you.

A blog post from 2009 reveals “Network management software is designed to enhance the operation, administration, and provisioning of networks and related assets within the network. These powerful, comprehensive applications allow businesses to better control and maintain their IT networks by centralizing and automating all activities related to tracking, monitoring, servicing, and fine-tuning its components. Companies can monitor – in real-time – all aspects of their network assets, including bandwidth, storage space, software installation and usage, and anti-virus protection. As a result, they can tap into the full potential of their infrastructures and maximize return on their network investments.”

And the same rings true today.

In an upcoming, not-to-miss event, the topic of the current vitality of sufficient network management in enterprises today will be highlighted. Jim Frey, managing research director at EMA will team with Pete Bartz, network practitioner and field solutions engineer at Entuity (News - Alert) during the webinar that is slated to take place on Wednesday March 20, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

After participating in the informative webcast, attendees will walk away with an abundance of knowledge related to how to deliver a fully unified network management approach; what is needed in regards to technical requirements within network management and why these types of solutions must adjust to the ever-changing IT space; as well as things to look for when selecting your next network management architecture.

Frey and Bartz are the perfect twosome for the job, since Frey has been deeply engulfed in network management tools development, marketing, and analysis for nearly 20 years while Bartz boasts over 25 years of real life network management experience in divisions such as networking, IT, data center, Java development, IT architecture, business services and disaster recovery.

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Edited by Allison Boccamazzo