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November 07, 2012

Webinar - Transforming the Call Center to a Next-Generation Contact Center

It is rare for those of us in the industry commentary/prognostication business to get hands-on experience about one of our predictions and be able to share it in real-time. Such, however, happens to be the case involving what we are all witnessing as those “necessary evils” named call centers transform into the front line for “improving customer experiences” under a new name: contact center.

While I have written about this transformation many times in the past few months, particularly in regard to my perspectives on what the customer experience is and who owns it, you might wish to go back and take a peek at an item I posted back in May of this year, Renaming 'Contact Centers' to 'Customer Communications Centers.' There the case was presented as to why enterprise customer care interactions centers were the front edge of organizations value-chains, and that as we moved into a multichannel/multitouch point world, the transformation from being mere call center to robust customer interaction center was essential.  

On November 14, you have the opportunity of joining me as I moderate a webinar with Craig Mento, CEO of NexxLinx and NexxPhase, Jef Wallace, CEO of Covation and Rob Hornbuckle, CTO of NexxPhase , entitled , The Call Center is Dead,Long Live the Contact Center! 

Yes, I took the liberty in my previous article to look even further down the road as to how the world is going to be, not just about contacts but about the proper management of customer interactions on a 360 degree, always-on/all ways accessible basis. But, that is a matter of semantics. What is not is the need for businesses of all sizes to evaluate how to get the right tools, in the right hands, of the right (best trained) people, to optimize business process with the end result of improving customer interactions that can flow to the bottom line. 

Why am I so excited to be moderating this session? The answer is actually quite simple. At the end of the day as the industry transforms keeping up on what are considered leading edge developments and best practices, considering C-level pressures that have made customer experience a top priority around the world, mandatory. 

I fully resonate with the notion that when it comes to contact centers, the status quo and incremental change are a sure path to sub-optimal competitive performance at best. 

Improving session outcomes is the key

  • Let’s face it; there is no time better than real-time to learn about how you can improve customer interaction outcomes by 15 percent more by:
  • Using psychological tools to hire the right people
  • Building a best of breed multichannel technology platform
  • Automating routine tasks
  • Spending more time mentoring agents to deliver a better customer experience
  • Turning inactive wait time into active time to invest in agents
  • Improving customer satisfaction, net promoter, and other quality metrics

The reality is that your business success can’t be relying on not just legacy solutions, but on legacy thinking about how to meet the challenges of what I have called, “The Age of Acceleration,” where the only two constants are change and the fact that the pace of “E”everything is inexorably picking up steam.

The goal should/could/can/must be to create a service delivery model to affect a customer experience transformation. The devil is in the details, and it should be illuminated to find out the details on the “how-to's” for the list above.   

Edited by Rachel Ramsey