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April 30, 2012

Webinar - Modern Call Center Excellence - More Than Just Technology

We all have personal knowledge of the difference between great customer service experiences when we must engage a call center and one that makes us send angry messages to a CEO, and post bad reviews online. What many times even we who do this for a living fail to fully take into account are all of the things that go into making great experiences so compelling. 

What we in the know do know is that the odds of having a great experience is a function on the contact center end of things ensuring the right people, equipped with the right resources (technology and information) are properly trained and motivated and working in comfortable work spaces under the leadership of highly skilled supervisors. We also know from looking at the data that in an online world — where increasingly disloyal customers are only a click away from the competition and are armed with tons of information about the alternatives — customer experiences are now viewed as the key to creating and sustaining long-term differentiated value.

What all of this plays into is the trend that we are living in a time where contact centers are being transformed because they must. They are no longer seen as necessary cost centers, but crucial to revenue generation and long-term sustainability. As a result, contact center outsourcers, as well as enterprise support centers need to rethink every aspect of their operations to meet the demands of an age where not only do customers matter, but how they are engaged really matters. 

The good news is tools and capabilities exist to measure operational efficiency and effectiveness. It is now possible to collect and analyze data on business processes, workflows, agent performance, customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction, etc. Information can be looked at historically for planning reasons, shared across enterprise functions (shipping, accounts receivable ,sales, marketing…),  and also used to correct for anomalies and bad practices in near real-time.    We literally are in the midst of a major sea change. 

The criticality of this can be seen in the fact cited previously about customer disloyalty. Marketing data for instance indicates that merely “satisfied” customers are now of little more value than an “unsatisfied” ones.  It also points to the fact that truly “satisfied” customers, ones that are delighted by a new level of customer experience, can become evangelists and loyal supporters of your brand and hence greatly increase their lifetime value.From a technology standpoint, most of us are aware of the push on contact centers to move to the cloud and become more social networking and multimedia friendly. The goal is to become not just more customer intimate to reduce churn and create the trust necessary to up-sell, but to do so at a lower cost. But where is a good place to start in thinking about contact center transformation from a holistic standpoint.I would like to suggest a webinar I will be moderating, “Islands of Excellence in a Sea of Mediocrity

Blueprint for a modern Call Center,” on May 16. It will feature Craig Mento, CEO of NexxLinx, NexxPhase, Dave Rocker, COO of Covation, and Matt McConnell, CEO of Knowlagent. The reason to join us is the breadth of contact center challenges that will be addressed. Knowledge is power and our goal is to provide insights that can point you in the direction of improving outcomes 15 percent by:  

  • Using psychological tools to hire the right people
  • Creating a desirable work environment
  • Investing in an optimal technology infrastructure

       - Multichannel Cloud-based technology

       - Workforce management

       - Quality Management

       - Real-time metrics/reporting

       - Agent utilization

  • Creating a service delivery model based on real-time metrics and KPIs

A truly modern contact center has a lot of moving parts that if they are to move the chains in terms of raising customer experiences to a level that turns people with challenges into highly satisfied customers and possible brand evangelists must work together flawlessly. You need to know what they are, how they should work, and how to ensure the efforts of your people, processes and products can be measured and continuously improved.  

I’d like to believe this is an easy call to make. 

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Edited by Jamie Epstein