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August 19 - September 16 | Free Registration

The SASE Summit Summer Series

Webinar 1: August 19
What is SASE? Why it Matters More Now than Ever – Gartner unveiled the notion of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) as the next “thing.” Once enterprises were able to absorb SD-WAN, here comes another entrant. This webinar will discuss the components of SASE, how SASE and SD-WAN relate, and why with work from home being the new norm the SASE approach is more critical than ever.

Webinar 2: August 26
Why SASE is the final step in the enterprise digital transformation journey – The modern enterprise is complex to say the least. Choosing to undergo WAN transformation is not a small decision, neither is creating a roadmap for this initiative, but does your digital transformation journey cross the finish line? This webinar will discuss why SASE is the natural next step for your SD-WAN deployment, taking security, mobility and cloud to new heights...

Webinar 3: Sept 2
SASE Picks Up Where SD-WAN Leaves Off – The enterprise relies on cloud applications, the SaaS-y reality of operations met with a demand for mobile access. SD-WAN opened the door to the cloud era, and SASE is crossing the threshold for enterprises around the globe. This webinar will discuss how SASE enables secure, reliable access to mission critical applications...

Webinar 4: Sept 9
What is Your Enterprise WAN Security Strategy? – The cat and mouse game of security is as old as the day is long. Addressing network security is the first box to check when exploring digital transformation options. Join us to learn best practice in WAN security, and what SASE could mean for your enterprise.

Webinar 5: Sept 16
The Doctor Is In: SASE and the Self Healing Network – As security moves to the cloud, it makes it possible to put your network doctor on demand. AI, data analysis and automation are enabling the self healing network, and SASE provides the framework to propel organizations toward robust, reliable and secure network performance knowing that when cold season comes the doctor is on call.


Ryan Harrelson
Founder at Metadata Engineering


Maurice Nagle
SD-WAN Editorial Director

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